Yes, we agree : while we continue to enjoy playing our occasional live shows, over the last couple of years K's Choice hasn't been particularly active as far as new music goes. 

" Love=Music ", a compilation of cover-songs we're still proud of, was our latest release, but let's not beat around the bush : it's old news. Soon it will be 5 years since we recorded our last full studio album called "The Phantom Cowboy".

Contrary to popular belief, we're not sitting still, though.

Bart & Tom have been busier than ever with numerous projects from writing soundtracks and playing shows to producing albums, Gert just finished a tour with LivingRoots and will be performing with "Flandriens" early 2020, and Sam, RJ and Wim just released the album "Run" with their band RexRebel and have concerts coming up, too. (you can click on the picture below to find out more )

But just to be clear : K's Choice hasn't disintegrated. There will be a new tour and new music.

( at some point :)

Lots of love  !

we hope to see you soon